Types of Videos That Are Perfect for Marketing Your Business

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Types of Videos That Are Perfect for Marketing Your BusinessBackground Dots

Videos are a great way to market your business. However, not all types of videos will do well as a marketing strategy. So it is important to determine what type of video your company needs and how to deliver them properly.

So, the question is: what kind of video content would be great for marketing? In this article, we tell you about the different kinds of video content that you can use. After learning about them, you can then determine which content you can use for your business.

Explainer Videos

Usually coming in short lengths and often animated, explainer videos are good for quickly explaining what your business is about. They can give a good overview of your brand and what services and products you offer. This style of video production is perfect for keeping things short and simple, especially if your target market is those who may be short on time.

However, the issue with explainer videos is because of their conciseness, you may not get to explain your product completely. This could make it difficult to choose what specific content and information you should convey in your video. Make sure to choose the information and details that would be exciting and will catch consumers' attention.

Casual Vlogs

Many people are into vlogging and watching vlogs. There seems to be an interest to watch the daily life of others and how they live it. This is especially interesting for many people during the pandemic wherein life has been disrupted.

Take advantage of this interest in the lives of other people by producing vlog content. Create a simple vlog and casually insert some product placement, educate and position yourself as an expert, or maybe create a vlog about working with your brand. The key to gaining followers is to consistently create new content and always listen to your audience.

The biggest disadvantage with vlogs is that they can be lengthy and boring to others. Keep your vlog interesting by having unique but appealing content. As an example, if you are a health brand, create a vlog on a daily workout or health routine.

Product Review Videos

Product reviews are a fun way to showcase your products and their benefits. Additionally, they are more realistic and believable if there are other people who are reviewing your products. This would work out great if your business could work with a social media influencer or a famous vlogger to review your products.

The problem with this is that there must already be some interest in your product before people search for product reviews. Just the video alone may not seem appealing, nor will it reach a wide audience if no people are intentionally searching for it.

For this type of video to work, your business must double up on ads and marketing on other platforms. Having just the product review videos created may not achieve the marketing goals and would not have a reach. Yet, by pairing it with some other type of marketing, especially on social media, people will end up searching for these product review videos.


Choosing the content for one’s company video is important to make it work. Explainer videos, vlogs, and product review videos are some of the video content types that are effective. Determine which one of the three is suitable for your business, product, and budget, and use that. Remember, a marketing video will only work effectively if it has the right content for your market and audience.

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