A Simple Guide to Video Production for Social Media Marketing

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A Simple Guide to Video Production for Social Media MarketingBackground Dots

The future of social media lies in video content. Research shows that 86 percent of companies used videos in their 2021 content strategy. Considering how many businesses are going this route, it is best to understand how to make videos and where you should upload them. 

In this article, we will discuss how you can produce videos so that you can make your campaign successful.

How to Produce Videos for Various Social Media Platforms


Facebook is an excellent platform for online videos. The consumption of Facebook videos continuously increases by the year. Studies also show that people watch at least an hour of Facebook videos weekly. 

This social media platform has several video options, including live videos, on-demand videos, and Stories. With the exception of Facebook Stories, you need to film your content horizontally.

There are other visual options available on Facebook. These include 360° videos, Newsfeed videos, and carousel posts. However, filming these can be a bit complex, especially for 360° videos, since you will need special equipment to capture them correctly.


At present, LinkedIn’s video content is still in its initial stages of implementation. Despite that, it still pays to upload videos on this platform. According to research, 75 percent of business executives watch LinkedIn videos weekly. Since this platform is the most professional social media site, you want to make your video content as business-appropriate as possible. You should avoid sharing videos that are not entirely polished.

When filming for LinkedIn, you should always use your best equipment to get your message across. Your content must also be catchy, quick, and precise so that you can keep the audience’s attention.


One of the popular social media platforms for a younger audience is Instagram. Since this channel appeals to younger generations, you need to share videos made especially for their demographic. Instagram videos are filmed vertically and have a ratio of 9:16. If you plan on filming for Stories or your profile, you should always film vertically.

Instagram also has a feature called IGTV, wherein you can upload longer videos. Some of these videos can be as long as 10 minutes and have to be the same format as YouTube. Instagram encourages brands to use this relatively new feature, so if you wish to upload your best videos on this platform, you are likely to see your desired results.


One of the fastest-moving social media platforms is Twitter, which is why videos uploaded here can only be 140 seconds or a little over two minutes. If you plan to upload videos on this platform, you need to make them prompt and entertaining. 

Twitter is used to share news about politics, entertainment, and sports. If you have videos that fall in any of these categories, this platform will be an excellent choice for your brand.


Although YouTube isn’t necessarily a social media platform, it is the most popular site for video content. It is also where billions of videos are uploaded and watched each day.

YouTube has the basic options, including uploaded videos, live streams, community interaction, and uploaded Stories. Since it is the best platform for video content, you want to make sure that you will upload high-quality, valuable videos that will stand out from the crowd.


Well-made videos are designed to promote your brand and attract customers. By appealing to your demographic in a platform they’re comfortable in, you are more likely to make them interested in what you have to offer. For those who need assistance with commercial video production, we have you covered.

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