Video Production Services.

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Getting 'Likes' is Nice but Getting Results is Better.

Although we focus on video production services as our weapon of choice, our humble beginnings are in advertising and marketing. We work backwards from your marketing objectives to create videos that will get you results, recognition, and customers.

Trimac - Service with Safety
Imperial - Video Production
ExxonMobile - Video Production
Alberta Laser Rehabilitation - Video Production
AHS - Animation
Video Production Services

Video Production Services.

Video is a very powerful tool but with great power comes great responsibility. We use the latest video technology, trends and techniques to deliver a final product that you can’t wait to send to clients, add to your website, or air on television.

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Concept & Strategy.

Many video production companies can produce videos but we feel that Mustard Productions sees the bigger picture and opportunity. Your journey begins as we develop a cohesive video plan that will give you the best chance for success. Our specialty is to create videos that speak to your unique audience and that reflect your particular style and brand.

Video Strategy | Video Production Services
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Video Production Services & Directing


Our directors are of two minds. We are known for getting the best performance from your talent, CEO, or employees but we also have a keen sense and ability to visually direct a beautiful and cinematic story that will get you noticed. If you want to stand out from your competition then we have the solution for you.

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Leverage your videos.  Creating content

Often times the ‘light bulb moment' comes when we map out how your video can be leveraged into other areas like social media or how the main idea or creative can be deconstructed to produce a variety of assets (essentially more cut down videos like pre-roll and website banner ads). We don’t leave anything on the table and will show
you the possibilities in maximizing your video.

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Focused on Results.

In the end, your video needs to get results so we believe that every video has a purpose. Whether it’s getting more sales, promoting your new service, communicating new policy, or presenting your latest quarterly results, our video production services work backwards from your marketing and communication objectives. Video has a unique ability to create more impact and buzz to whatever you’re trying to promote. We’ll show you how.

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“Mustard Productions is very professional. They understood what I needed for my advertisement. We enjoyed working with them!”
Amphy Calma - Clinic Director
Alberta Laser Rejuvenation Centres
“I highly recommend Mustard Productions for a creative, professionally produced video or TV commercial. Their years of experience shows in their ability to deliver a message to the audience that is well received and effective. We wouldn’t use anyone else.”
Karen Kaminsky - President
Enhance Marketing
“Mustard Production has been our trusted partner to help with our internal video communication. Their professionalism, experience and creativity allowed us to create a successful video campaign.”
Matt Faure
CEO, Trimac
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We’re sure you have questions. We’re here to answer any questions you may have with regards to video production services. Just drop us a line and we’ll be happy to start the conversation,