Is Getting an Explainer Video Worth It? What You Should Know


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Is Getting an Explainer Video Worth It? What You Should KnowBackground Dots

More and more people prefer videos to simple pictures or text blocks in this day and age of digital consumerism. This is why many successful companies should have explainer video on their websites. These attractive and informational videos allow for more customer engagement. They will most likely play a part in your company to promote your products or services more effectively while reaching a wider audience. 

It's not a question about whether you should make use of explainer videos. It's more of how to get the best out of your money, especially when considering hiring a video agency. That is why it is essential to note the following when it comes to investing in explainer videos.

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Know How Much You Need to Set Aside

Before anything else, you must consider the actual cost of budget production of an explainer video, then ensure that you are getting value for your money. On average, an explainer video costs between $4,000 and $20,000. The final price will depend on your chosen elements, like length, animation complexity, production quality, 2D/3D, and style.

In the interest of saving up, you may be tempted to go for DIY software, novice freelancers, or budget studios since they are cheaper. However, think about whether the final product will reflect your company's quality standards and reputation accurately. It is often better to shell out a bit more for outstanding videos that will pay for themselves in the long run.

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Figure Out What Video Style Suits Your Company

For an explainer video, it is vital to consider the style, which should ideally reflect your brand and marketing goals. The amount of labour put into producing an explainer video depends on your chosen style, which feeds into a cost-per-minute calculation. This is why animated videos are more expensive since the pricing conversation talks more about length and style. You may go for live-action, but animated videos offer more flexibility.

Think of How Long the Video Should Be

Another major factor is the length of the animation. The first 60 seconds of a video are the most expensive. After that, many production costs scale, so the studio will likely increase their estimate based on the length of the video/script. Just make sure that you keep your video concise and make the message straightforward. Doing this ensures that you maximize each second of the video. You don't want to end up paying for unnecessary animation time that only distracts the viewer from the primary goal of the video. Besides, research shows that shorter videos attract more attention, and often get more clicks.

Don't Forget the Other Elements of a Video

Lastly, explore the other elements that make up a video since they also affect the final cost. Do you need additional research done to determine the best words and imagery to use? Should you hire scriptwriters to ensure your message comes across in the most optimal way possible? Do you need voiceover artists for narration or audio clips and music in the background? It is crucial to identify which elements you are incorporating in your explainer video to get an accurate projected cost.

Explainer videos are one of the best ways to get people to pay attention to your message. These types of videos are usually short, vibrant, and to the point, allowing people to get the most information in the shortest time possible. 

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