Why You Should Have Lobby Videos in Your Place of Practice

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Why You Should Have Lobby Videos in Your Place of PracticeBackground Dots

Practicing medical professionals, such as dentists, often have patients waiting for several minutes to an hour just to accommodate them. The wait is anxious for some patients, but you can alleviate some of that by having lobby videos.

A lobby video is a video that is specifically designed to entertain and inform the patient while they are waiting—you guessed it—in the lobby. It provides valuable insight into why they should choose to trust your office with their health.

This article will discuss lobby videos and why you should have them in your practice. Read on below to get started.

What's In a Lobby Video?

A lobby video is essentially a short video that you'll play in the lobby of your practice on a TV or computer monitor. The video plays for the patient to enjoy while they wait for their appointment.

Most lobby videos are about 3 minutes in length, which is enough time for them to understand the message you want to convey.

The main goal of your lobby video is to:

  • Create a positive first impression of your practice.
  • Convey to patients that you are legit.
  • Make them feel comfortable and confident in your practice.
  • Provide them with the information you want them to have about your practice.
  • Inform patients about new services you offer.

Creating a Lobby Video

When creating a lobby video, you need to consider who it's for. It's meant for patients, and it needs to answer the question, "Why should I trust this person to take care of my health?" This means that a lobby video must be welcoming, friendly, and entertaining. Most lobby videos are essentially a looping PowerPoint presentation with multiple slides designed to inform new or returning patients.

The video itself should be quick, and to the point, so you're not using up more of their time than they want to spend in your lobby.

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Why You Should Have a Lobby Video

If you have reservations about having lobby videos in your practice, here are some compelling reasons why you should have them:

Creates an Excellent First Impression

Your patients have only a few minutes to form an opinion about your practice. They will judge you based on your surroundings, the people they meet, and the way they are treated. A lobby video serves as a great first impression because you're assuring them that they're in good hands.

Provides Education About Your Practice

A lobby video provides your patients with a way to learn about your practice of their own volition. For example, if you're a dentist, you can talk about dental health and why it's important. You can also talk about the kinds of services you offer and how you are committed to providing your patients with the best dental health they can get.

This differs from a website because your patients can look up your website on their own time when they have time to do so. The lobby video offers patients the opportunity to learn about your practice first-hand because they're already in front of a TV screen.

Shows That You Care about Your Practice

If you have a lobby video running in your clinic, you'll come off as a more caring and thoughtful person. You're showing patients that you care about the way they feel, and you're willing to take the time to help them understand what they will get from your practice.

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Makes Patients More Comfortable

A lobby video offers patients a chance to gain more information about your practice and makes them much more comfortable with their surroundings. It can allow them to be more engaged in their treatment and care.

Your lobby video has the power to change how your patients see you and your practice. It can endear them to you and your team and keep them coming back while fearing they might lose you to another practice.

Promotes Your Practice

A lobby video offers you another opportunity to promote your practice and its services. If you don't have a lobby video, your patients might not know what you have to offer them. Changing that with a lobby video could potentially lead to more new patients in your practice.

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A lobby video is an excellent tool for practicing medical professionals because it offers an opportunity to get people to know you better. Additionally, it also has the power to keep them coming back to your practice. You can establish a positive first impression that will leave your patients feeling relaxed and happy with their decision to trust you with their health.

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