The Challenges of DIY Commercial Videos for Your Business

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The Challenges of DIY Commercial Videos for Your BusinessBackground Dots

Videos can be quite a powerful tool for sharing information and marketing your business online. Plus, with the benefit of publishing and promoting on multiple platforms, you can reach a large number of prospective customers and share more about your brand than ever before.

However, as effective as it may be, some refuse to invest the proper resources towards producing and sharing effective commercial videos. Many may resort to a DIY production in order to make videos for your company because it can’t be that hard when you have a camera, a few free people and a somewhat rough idea of what you’re doing. Right?

Well, your brand might be better off working with a video production team rather than facing these troubling issues of DIY commercial videos:

1. Overspending On Production

Most people will generally think that it’s much more cost-effective to do something yourself, including video production. However, that isn’t always the case. A lack of knowledge and experience can lead you to overpay for equipment, locations and several other needs for production.

Alongside that, there’s also a risk that you’re going to have to reproduce the whole thing when technical issues arise. For example, if no one were able to save the recording properly, you’d need to spend twice as much time re-shooting the video.

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2. Being Inefficient with Your Time

Video production can take quite a bit of time when it's not done efficiently, and it can be a little exhausting when it's your first time. The work-life balance of your employees can be compromised when the production starts taking too many hours because of inexperience and other reasons.

Plus, keep in mind that time is money. The minutes spent on creating and planning a video could have been spent on improving your business and promoting the products or services you provide. Make sure to consider the internal costs of your hours and those of your employees that are involved in each project.

3. Misrepresenting Your Company

Commercial videos are created to reflect what your company is like to your staff, your prospects, your competitors and more. They define and showcase your brand, and grappling with video production can result in a bit of miscommunication if the final product is not fully planned.

Working with the right team can help to bring clarity and focus to your messaging, by combining an outsider's perspective with strategic storytelling. Ultimately, this will help to create a video that the whole team can be proud of and one that effectively represents your company.

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4. Having Questionable Quality

Lastly, an issue that you might face when doing videos by yourself would be the overall quality of the output that's created. These videos may be the first (and only) point of contact with a potential customer and it's important that you make the right first impression.

Although you may have gone through the pre-production and production stages of the process, post-production requires a different skill set if you want to do it efficiently. Editing, exporting, and promoting the videos can make or break the quality and effectiveness of your efforts. Working with editors will help to ensure that the pacing and storytelling are on point, and the right marketer can help with promotion to ensure the right people see your content.


The DIY approach is often a great place to start, but be wary of the potential downsides and always consider what's best for your business. It may not be worth the internal costs of so much time and effort for ineffective videos, so invest properly and get the right persons for the job to get it all right. 

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