A Guide to Different Types of Video Production

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A Guide to Different Types of Video ProductionBackground Dots

Different types of video production can move and inspire audiences while also educating, informing, entertaining, and persuading clients. Suppose you're considering a career in filmmaking or need video services for your company or product. In that case, it's a good idea to become acquainted with the various types of video production available.

The primary video types in the industry today are classified into the following categories:

Promotional Videos

A promotional video aims to explain why a potential customer should patronize and purchase a product or service. The content can include product reviews, a company video, brand comparisons, and the process by which products or services are delivered. This type of promotional video is frequently published solely on a company's website or across all social media channels, where visitors can view it at any time.

Informational Videos

Informational videos are created to provide a quick overview of various topics. They are presented straightforwardly, with no added effects or theatrics. The most common example of this type is a news broadcast, which can show videos of interviews, images, or narration of facts to inform a specific audience.

Documentary Videos

Documentary video productions began in the 1920s and featured people discussing real-life situations in their environment, all in an artistic manner. It involves a factual presentation intended to raise awareness, communicate, educate, and enlighten an audience.

Educational Videos

Educational videos are frequently stereotyped as only being seen in schools. This is not surprising given that people have been exposed to videos that teach or show them how things work since they were still in school. Teachers would set up the large CRT TV, and you would get your notebooks ready to take notes for your summary report.

As the digital world has grown and information has become much more accessible, you have access to millions of educational videos beyond the classroom's confines. Today, you can make educational videos to teach techniques and skills, illustrate concepts, educate employees, and present information with accurate images and voiceovers.

Entertainment Videos

Last but not least, entertainment videos are the most popular type of video among the public at large. This is because they are enjoyable to watch! They invoke a range of emotions, including laughter, tears, and fear.

Today, individuals and businesses invest in a wide range of entertainment videos. Movie theatres, YouTube, Twitch, and other video streaming companies like showing these types of videos because they generate a lot of revenue for the company while allowing the audience to unwind and relax after a long and stressful day.


All video formats have the same purpose: to tell a story or educate the viewer. This means that they are all instructional videos in their primary capacity. Additionally, each of these videos targets a particular audience. They all take the gender, age, language, and vocational opinions of their audience into account. Occasionally, entertainment plays a huge role. Because today's consumers have such short attention spans, videos should be compelling.

Videography is not a one-size-fits-all service; it comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Numerous video creation options are available and tailored to your company's specific aims and sales objectives. 

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