Top 3 Metrics to Track Your Video Marketing's ROI

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Top 3 Metrics to Track Your Video Marketing's ROIBackground Dots

There’s no doubt that video marketing is booming in today’s digitally-oriented world, so it makes sense why businesses invest in sophisticated video production to ramp up their brand awareness and online presence. 

When done right, video can create an engaging user experience since it can offer a more visually interesting and in-depth perspective on your campaign’s message. However, posting it across different marketing channels will not guarantee that it will pack a punch to your audience.

This begs the question: how do you know your videos generate positive returns for your bottom line? Here are some top metrics you should consider: 

Tip #1: Measure the Video’s View Through Rate

When you analyze the percentage of people who watch your video from start to finish, you’ll discover the impact of your campaign on your target audience. You’ll also spot the number of people who only watch a few seconds of your video, allowing you to determine areas that need improvement.

The lack of commitment to your video may be due to it catering to the wrong market, for instance. Even a viral video that reaches a million views will be a moot effort if it doesn’t tap into the right people. 

On the other hand, problems with your view-through rate may suggest you need to improve your distribution strategy.

Tip #2: Measure the Video’s Click-through Rate 

Looking at the video’s view through rate can give you a feel of your campaign’s ability to hold your market’s attention, but digging into the click-through rate reveals how it can drive action. It should also clue you in on the video’s conversion rate, and whether it can successfully convert your viewers.

The click-through rate is a critical metric to observe, especially for video campaigns that aim to highlight a CTA, so be sure every click counts by leading them to a high-value landing page on your website. 

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Tip #3: Share Statistics 

Building the visibility and discoverability of your video campaigns is only half the battle. The next step is to engage your audience and attract potential customers by ensuring it has a high shareability rate. 

Shares have the power to fuel the momentum of your video, allowing you to reach viral status. While it’s true that a million views are nothing if it doesn’t cater to your audience, imagine your video trending with all the right people in for the show. It can maximize your brand’s visibility in more ways than one!

Video Analytics Tools

Video Analytics Vimeo

Vimeo Reports

If you're using Vimeo for your videos then be sure to check out their integrated statistics. Even the free plan provides access to their analytics dashboard, with impressions, plays, finishes, likes, comments, most popular videos, and more.

Paid plans provide more advanced statistics like reports and CSV exports. Visit Vimeo's analytics page for a detailed breakdown of their features.

YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics

YouTube has detailed analytics that can help you measure the success of your video marketing efforts. By measuring views, subscribers, reach, engagement, and audience behavior you can identify what is most effective with your viewers.

Simply login to your YouTube account and visit the YouTube Analytics page to learn what your audience likes and how to keep them engaged.

The Bottom Line: The Importance of Measuring Progress and Success in Your Video Marketing Campaign 

Video marketing is one of the most powerful tools in anyone’s arsenal - whether it’s to highlight your products, display the value of your services, or set your brand apart in a competitive landscape.

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