3 Ways to Capture a Compelling Interview

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3 Ways to Capture a Compelling InterviewBackground Dots

People love watching videos since it’s an engaging medium that packs the most impact when delivering a message; that’s why video content dominates the landscape for businesses. However, ensuring the video is visually compelling, results-oriented, and relevant is not as straightforward as it seems, especially when filming something seemingly simple as an interview video. 

Interview videos are a great way to gain traction since it focuses on the narrative and knowledge of real people, but it can often feel lack-lustre and dull for the audience if it lacks personality. 

YouTube channels like First We Feast host Hot Ones, a show known for conducting the most interesting interview videos, put a spicy twist on their approach. But for other businesses, what can you do to make interviews more interesting for your viewers? 

Tip #1: Craft Fascinating Questions by Conducting Extensive Research 

When making interview video content, the questions you ask will determine whether it will take off on a high turn or end up a flop. The key to telling a good story that keeps your audience well informed yet fully absorbed is to talk about topics that would spark curiosity. 

Don’t just limit the flow to the typical FAQs you’ll find online, but the only way to ask good questions is first to get to know who you’re interviewing. Cover the fundamentals, and then build on the information by exploring their unique interests, hobbies, professional accolades, and other quirks that can paint your interview video in a unique setting. 

Tip #2: Create a Script but Leave Room for Improvisation 

It’s essential to pin down questions that tackle your brand’s target audience. But beyond talking about relevant subjects, it’s important to maintain a good flow by being willing to go freestyle as an interviewer. 

This allows you to hit your goals and inject some flavour into your interviews. While your typical “sit down and talk about the project” can still cover interesting points, innovating the format by welcoming unconventional segments that can shake up the interview world. 

In the case of “Hot Ones,” they managed to flip the script by humanizing celebrities compared to the generic interview outline you’d see in late-night shows. 

Let Your Interviewee Contribute to the Script

Tip #3: Let Your Interviewee Contribute to the Script 

Another way to build the momentum for your interview video is to let the interviewee make their own contributions. Asking simple questions as “is there anything you want to mention?” can open up a whole door of content, one you can later explore or even fan the curiosity of your target market. 

The Bottom Line: Different Angles to Consider to Make Interesting Interview Videos 

Interview videos can diversify your content and make for a shareable watch for your market, especially when it talks about topics that matter to your audience. This makes video marketing one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal, but it can only effectively reach your goals if the execution hits its mark. 

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