Insights on Creating Better and More Effective Video Content

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Insights on Creating Better and More Effective Video ContentBackground Dots

Creating effective video content today involves a lot of tweaks and adjustments during the production process. It has the potential to reach a wider audience with many factors that dictate its production and content. But the core ideas and the creative approach to presenting it online remain its top priorities.

Let’s organize our thoughts and get ready to formulate our game plan in video creation. Here are some useful examples to make your video content more successful. 

Preliminary Checks

Before you create that killer video in your head, you have to have it fully formed and ready to manifest. It depends on what your video project is. Is it a music video for a new band? Perhaps it’s a training video for a local business. Or is it an animated explainer video for a new digital product? 

Next is your budget. Ideally, you should have enough cash for your commercial video production to make that great idea into a memorable video. Often the budget will affect or dictate the level of quality of your video. But more often than not, a creative approach with a small budget can still work if your idea is strong and you work resourcefully.

Aside from being creative with your idea, you can also be creative with video-making solutions and techniques to achieve what you need. Some can shoot and edit together a unique video. Others can create a simple, animated video production with nothing more than a computer, Adobe After Effects, and enough time.

Who Is Your Target Audience?

You have to figure out the balance between presenting your idea, for whom it’s intended, and how much information you would like to communicate. It will go public, and soon other people will be exposed to your work—especially once you promote it online. 

Once you’ve figured out your main idea and audience, you have to create a mood board or rough storyboard with important notes and a sequence of shots. 

Refining Your Content

When you know to whom you are speaking, it will be easy to figure out how to convey your message or main idea, whether it is an ad, public service message, or brand identity video. Your brand identity should be integrated into your style, language, and delivery. The challenge is doing it creatively and not being a hard sell. 

To avoid being vague or unclear, focus on that one great idea or topic and expand on it. It will help your audiences enjoy the content and the message. It helps you avoid bombarding them with too many ideas. Prioritize refining your content and its main ideas for better commercial video production and a more engaging video.

Determining Duration

Finally, we get to the total duration of your video. If it’s a basic idea, you may be able to deliver it within 60 seconds, making it perfect for YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, LinkedIn, or as a social media post. That length is short, sweet, and carries the message. This quick video format yields a 68 percent viewer engagement all the way through. 

Any longer than 20 minutes makes it a long-form video reserved for people with greater attention spans and usually results in a lower engagement. Only 24% of viewers will finish a video if it's longer than 20 minutes. If possible, aim for something as quick as a music video at three to five minutes tops. 60 percent of online videos are less than 2 minutes long, however, an average business-related video lasts just over six minutes.

Final Notes

Every video project needs to have a primary focus and a goal for the viewer. The process of planning, creating, and producing it requires a balance. But as long as you have a clear and well-defined idea, you can make your video production easier. Content creation and its execution are the two main skills you’ll need to focus on to produce successful videos.

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