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You can be as creative as you want to be when it comes to your marketing videos. However, creativity is not the only factor to consider when it comes to effective marketing videos. You also have to consider proper timing as a significant aspect of it. The term 'proper timing' has two main definitions in this regard. First, it refers to the time and date when you would post the content. Secondly, it may also refer to the length or duration of it, especially if it is a video.

That said, you must know how long your video should be so that you would be able to make the most of it and attract more customers to your brand. Below are just a few of the recommended video lengths, enumerated for your reference.

1. 15 Seconds or Less

With the advent of mobile marketing, 15 seconds or less is clearly among the targeted and preferred video marketing lengths. This is perfectly understandable. After all, the target audience of a mobile marketing campaign is usually of a very busy nature and does not have much time to spare for your marketing campaign. The shorter your marketing video is, the more likely your target audience will be compelled to watch it. This also means that they are more likely to watch the whole video, which helps to improve your videos rankings in searches.

2. 30 Seconds to One Minute

If 15 seconds is too short for what you have in mind, you can use the 30 seconds to the one-minute range. This would be more than enough time for you to give your audience an idea of what you plan to say or convey. The length of your video could depend on your niche, for example, cooking, fashion, or automobiles. It may also depend on the particular product or service that you are marketing.

3. 120 Seconds to 3 Minutes

The 120 to 3-minute video length is also quite a common marketing length. This is usually the maximum length of a video you can use for a particular marketing campaign. If you want to be more creative with your videos, you can use this duration to present a long narrative that can have some videos with a duration of up to 4 minutes.

4. 5 to 10 Minutes

If you have a lot of content you want to communicate through your marketing video, the 5- to 10-minute video length is definitely recommended. However, considering the nature of the market out there, you must keep in mind that the audience is not very patient when it comes to watching videos. You should use this duration to really strike a chord with your audience, but it's essential to maintain the pacing throughout the video to avoid losing the viewer's interest.

5. 10 to 20 Minutes

Finally, if you have a lot of content to share, the 10- to 20-minute video length is one of the best options. That is because you can use the extra minutes to include the necessary information that you can use later on to promote and market your business. Longer form videos are often used with educational, mini-doc, or deep-dive videos since the viewers expect to learn or to be engaged in a story.

Average Engagement for Different Lengths of Video - Graph
Source: Vidyard


Remember that you should use the correct and exact video length that you need to effectively promote your business. As a rule of thumb, you should use a shorter video if you are targeting mobile users. In contrast, you should use a slightly longer video if you are targeting desktop users.

Take note of all our pointers above, and you will never be lost among the various shuffles of online video marketing.

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