Understanding Video Marketing ROI and How to Make It More Effective

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Understanding Video Marketing ROI and How to Make It More EffectiveBackground Dots

Out of all the marketing tools at your disposal, perhaps the most potent platform you can use to push your brand to increase sales and generate the highest ROI is video production. As long as you know how to make your videos look professional and authentic, you’ll easily reap the benefits of your video production in no time.

How Do You Calculate Video ROI?

How Do You Calculate Video ROI?

Whether you create your own videos or hire a video production company to do it for you, there is a corresponding return on investment (ROI) in every piece you put out on your website or social media. The ROI represents the ratio you get off your net profit versus the initial cost you put into it. The actual ROI you get depends on the goals you have for your video marketing campaign.

There are various ways to deter how successful your video marketing campaign has been. The following are simple calculations to determine the value of your investment in the content you produced:

  • Determine the initial cost of your investment, which is how much you paid a video production company or the hours you spent producing the video on your own.
  • Subtract that amount from the final value earned because of your investment, also known as your net return.
  • Divide the net return by the initial investment cost to narrow it down.
  • Finally, multiply the amount you get by 100.

This is more of a universal way of calculating your ROI. It doesn’t actually take into account the invaluable aspects of production that don’t involve specific numbers.

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How to Improve Your Video ROI

If you’re not seeing any impact on your profits based on the videos you’ve released so far, then you need to identify what the cause is. This could be anything from video quality to how and when the video is published. Luckily, there are a few practical steps you can use to improve your ROI:

  • Identify Your Target Audience - any marketing material you put out needs to target a specific audience in order to maximize its effectiveness. You can’t just send them out, not knowing what your audience is or who should be the one watching it.
  • Define Your Goals - Without any goals, you can’t accurately measure your ROI and how successful your campaign is. Before making any videos, you must first identify your goals to give your production team a clear direction.
  • Utilize New Technologies - There are always new tools and video making techniques being developed. If you want to stay ahead of the game, you need to utilize these tools and techniques in your video production.
  • Know Your Distribution Channels - Where and when you post your video content matters a lot. You need to determine the best place to share your video content, whether it’s on your own website, social media, or maybe even a new landing page. Make sure you time your posts right and utilize the most effective distribution channels for better ROI.




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Focus on What's Important

Getting your audiences’ attention is of utmost importance if you want your marketing campaigns to be successful. What better way to catch their attention than making quality video content? Video production is one of the most effective ways to get better ROI for all your marketing efforts. By using this guide, you can effectively create excellent video content that’s worth your investment.

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