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Online Training Videos How Well Do They Actually WorkBackground Dots

Hiring more people to grow your team is a great sign that your company is on the right track towards success. But not every new employee will be able to pick up quickly, especially without proper guidance. The training process needs to be streamlined if you want to keep expanding the team without compromising the quality of the work.

One way to make sure that everyone gets an excellent introduction to their tasks and what the company is trying to achieve is through proper training videos. These sorts of training materials have been proven to be much more effective at getting the results you want. 

How Effective Are Training Videos? 

Many workers in this day of age are audio-visual learners, which means things are most likely to stick if they have the material in these tangible forms. Employee manuals can only go so far to show what their job entails. In fact, studies show that people forget 90 percent of what they read

While it is still acceptable that they are shown the ropes through demonstration, remote jobs do not make that feasible. Having training videos on hand can and will do just as well, under the circumstances. Here are some of the benefits they have for your business.

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3 Benefits of Training Videos for Businesses

1. Employee Support Available 24/7

Employees, when starting out, will obviously have tons of questions. Having an employee training guide will help them troubleshoot their own problems and answer any questions that aren’t specific to their current situation. If the employee chooses to do some studying just to improve their performance, they will have a reference.

2. Managers Can Focus on Their Other Tasks

Employees can’t always bother their supervisors, especially since they too have work. While it is managers’ task to teach these new hires, sometimes the questions can be repetitive and can be answered through training videos.

Managers can be involved in the process of making videos. They would know exactly what the frequently asked questions might be, and all the answers. Training videos are essentially their stand-ins for the training process that employees can refer to when the managers are preoccupied.

3. The Current Workforce Are Independent Learners

Generation Z, otherwise known as the post-millennials or centennials, are a workforce that grew up in the digital world. They have now entered the workforce, ready to start their careers. 

Unlike the previous generation, gen z workers are independent learners. As workers who like to learn on their own, training videos can offer them the freedom to explore the roles and functions of the company on their terms.

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Onboard Your Your Employees With Effective Training

Training new employees is always the first step towards having a fantastic team of professionals. Not everyone can come in and know exactly what to do, which is why it is important to start off with a warm welcome and proper guidance into the new role. With an amazing training video that is clear and concise, your new hires will be able to pick things up faster and eventually guide other newbies into your fold.

To make practical and helpful training videos that employees can refer to, you’ll need corporate video production services from a professional agency. Mustard Productions is a full-service video production agency that can help produce your video training collateral professionally and more efficiently. Get a quote today!