How To Use YouTube For Small Businesses

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So, after years of planning, saving up, researching, surveying, and testing, you’re finally ready to enter the world of business ownership. The next step looms ahead: setting up your small business idea and working towards growing it. 

With years of preparation and careful planning behind you, many things will go smoothly. However, you will be facing new challenges. You need to start working progressively towards meeting your KPIs—whether it’s sales metrics or brand awareness, striving towards business success is nothing short of an uphill battle. 

When it comes to digital marketing, you may have already set up a well-built strategy to help you hit the ground running. All forward-thinking entrepreneurs do. But even if you’re set on using the various measures that you have in place, there’s one particular tool you should consider adding to your winning equation: YouTube.

Example: Dr. Squatch's sales have increased 30X to over $100M with help from their viral YouTube video.

A New Essential Strategy Component

In recent years, YouTube has become the darling of interactive digital marketing for small businesses because they accelerate the growth process and help you reach any audience.

Compared to the older days of online advertising, YouTube has consistently delivered high conversions and inquiries at astounding rates. Through the help of high-quality videos, proper thumbnails, and regular posting schedules, even the smallest of businesses can rocket to six and seven-digit sales with enough dedication and focus. 

With the current rate of success that forward-thinking businesses have been achieving through YouTube, it is now established as a critical component of any digital marketing strategy. It is easily sustainable and a worthy investment that will lead to success. Fortunately, you can get started on using the platform even if you don’t have the skills or time; all you need to do is enlist the services of a full-service video agency in Canada like Mustard Productions! 

How Your Small Business Can Benefit From YouTube

Given all this talk about YouTube as a fundamental component of a successful modern marketing strategy, you’re likely wondering what you can get out of using it. If you want to use the internet’s best video networking platform but don’t exactly know what kind of results you can get, here are the main benefits you can watch out for: 

Benefit #1: Free Exposure (When Done Right)

One of the most prominent benefits of advertising your small business on YouTube is that it does wonders for getting free exposure. The main reason marketing on the video-sharing giant proves to be such a fruitful effort lies in the fact that it hosts billions of users daily. Because of this, businesses can expect endless opportunities for cost-free exposure.

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Benefit #2: Cost-effective Scalable Marketing

Another reason any small business should look towards using YouTube is that it gives the best chances to market to a worldwide audience at a minimal cost. Thanks to the constant development of the platform’s internal paid ads system, you can reach more people with your content and advertisements at marginally lower costs!

Google's Video Search Results

Benefit #3: Google Search Integration

With Google constantly proving itself as the most widely-used search engine in the world, any opportunity to rank well on any of its billions of queries is as valuable as can be. YouTube is one of Google’s subsidiaries, and recently-unveiled features have allowed businesses to rank higher on search results based on content alone, thanks to Google search result’s Videos tab! 


As a small business owner in a constantly changing and overflowing digital land of opportunity, it’s clear that using the right measures pays dividends—especially when it comes to YouTube. By taking the initiative to use it to your advantage, you’ll be able to ensure that you reap maximal rewards that can take your rankings, results, inquiries, and profits to the next level! 

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