Essential Health and Safety Precautions for Video Production

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Essential Health and Safety Precautions for Video ProductionBackground Dots

The COVID-19 pandemic took the world by surprise around late 2019 to early 2020. The world is still reeling from its effects. Almost every industry has been affected by the pandemic. One industry that was hit very hard was media production. Hundreds of productions had to be postponed or cancelled. This was to prioritize the safety of the cast and crew.

However, over the course of the past year and a half, the industry and professionals have implemented safety measures to protect the cast and crew against infection. Thanks to the vaccine and a better understanding of the virus, it has become easier for production to continue. 

Here are just some of the essential safety precautions that video production companies have to keep everyone safe.

Zoom meeting


One of the only things that could continue running even during the peak of the pandemic is pre-production. The industry has held most, if not all, meetings over various video chat and conferencing applications. 

Despite the initial learning curve presented, people learned to get used to this system. It’s proven to be just as effective and efficient as face-to-face meetings. It has also somewhat helped to boost productivity as it has made everyone more accessible to each other.

Lastly, before the shoot, screening policies and protocols may be required to ensure that the cast and crew are healthy enough to join the production.

During the Shoot

Production days have changed drastically compared to how they used to be. Health and safety guidelines are strictly implemented. Everything from transportation, catering, hair and make-up has been modified to make it safer for all parties involved. 

Scenes with large crowds are discouraged. In terms of locations, the options have also become somewhat limited. Shoots held inside studio locations are better because it gives producers more control over the environment. However, this requires controlling the number of people allowed inside. Outdoor shoots allow for more people to join the production. But studios must be careful about choosing locations that are populated or frequented by a lot of people.

On set, people are required to practice physical distancing, hygiene, and wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) at all times. For peace of mind and everyone’s safety, it’s also highly encouraged to hire a COVID-19 safety officer for larger productions. This will help keep everyone more disciplined and therefore safer.

After the Shoot

After the shoot, all equipment, props, and other materials should be disinfected. On larger productions, it may be required to conduct another screening test once production has wrapped.
It’s also essential to maintain open communication after a video shoot and to ensure that if anyone experiences any COVID-19 symptoms that they should inform the talent and crew.

The Bottom Line

Despite the devastating effects the pandemic has had on the industry, it's bouncing back. Productions have adapted to the new normal and developed safety guidelines to protect everyone involved. As the situation with the pandemic continues to develop, video professionals and the industry as a whole just continue to adapt. 

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