4 Vital Tips to Create a Successful Video Marketing Campaign

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4 Vital Tips to Create a Successful Video Marketing CampaignBackground Dots

You have seen plenty of video marketing campaigns out there—some are too salesy, some are boring, and many of them just miss the mark. However, there are a handful of videos that are absolutely astonishing, stealing your attention and motivating you to buy whatever is being advertised or to raise brand awareness.

If you are interested in making such a video marketing campaign, however, understand that it is not always easy! A lot of effort, time, and money is put into creating high-quality videos for marketing purposes. Fortunately, there are plenty of tips, tricks, and strategies you can use to make excellent video marketing campaigns—and if you are looking for those, you are in luck; we’ve got just the guide for you.

In this article, we are going to share with you some of the most vital tips to ensure your video marketing campaign is massively successful:


1. Identify your voice

Why should you identify your voice? Because it identifies you!

While it is important to know what you are sharing with your customers in your videos, how you share it will help them differentiate your company from the rest. Also, it is a great way to showcase your brand and what type of business you are like. For instance, you can implement humour into somewhat boring content to maintain attention. You can also implement an emotional voice if your business revolves around something that plays heavily with emotions, such as a pet store. 

These voices tell customers who you are, and it generally makes for much more interesting videos than serious tones.

2. Appeal to an emotion

Emotions will help your video campaign connect with the audience and earn their attention.
Video can be a very powerful tool to make an audience feel for a character, a cause, or even a brand.
Ultimately, the goal of many campaigns is to evoke an emotional response from your audience, which is why it's so important to focus on what emotions you want your audience to feel and remember.
Because after they've watched the video they may forget the words, but they'll always remember how it made them feel.

Communication is the transfer of emotion.
- Seth Godin -


3. Get the right equipment and talent

 While good equipment will not necessarily guarantee quality videos, it does help you to produce them. You will want the best equipment that you can afford, and this includes software and hardware. If you are really strapped for money, you can rent equipment or even hire a professional to do the recording for you. 

Having a video done with a professional company allows you to produce high-quality video content that your audience will love. However, understand that even a video recorded from a phone can be effective—but that will depend on how you want to showcase your brand.


4. Share a story, not the product

Videos can feature a brand or a product—but your videos should not be "selling" them. What it should be doing is tell a story that revolves around the products. Not only are stories much more interesting to the audience, but it makes the product, service, or brand much more relatable. For instance, you can create videos about how your products help to solve customer pain points, or you can even feature videos of how a specific product has helped a customer enjoy a better quality of life. When people see this video, they think about how they can enjoy the same benefits with your products, which you can motivate with CTAs at the end of the video!


Take the first step

You will never succeed with video marketing campaigns if you do not try it out at first. We understand that it can be quite intimidating to even start—but once you do, the learning process will flow naturally. In fact, you will find yourself proactively learning, simply because making videos, although it’s definitely stressful, is actually quite fun. That said, do not be afraid to experiment with videos. Trying things out is the only way to identify what works, and before you know it, you will land on videos that your customer base loves.

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