A Guide to Selecting Music for Your Video Production

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A Guide to Selecting Music for Your Video ProductionBackground Dots

So you have this video project, and you have been assigned to select the music for it. While selecting the music may sound like an easy task, it can become daunting with so many possibilities. So how do you go about selecting music for your video project? There are a few things you need to consider, which are listed below.

1. The Purpose of the Video

The purpose of your video and the message that you are trying to convey to your target audience are the two factors that will determine the kind of music to be selected for your video. For instance, if your video is being made for a promotional purpose, then you cannot use music that is sad or full of drama. It will be counter-productive to your video.

2. The Role of Music

The role of music in relation to other elements in your video production will determine whether you should go for music that is very subtle or music that is loud and rousing. For effective communication, it is important to know the purpose of the music in your video and the mood that you are keen on creating.

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3. The Target Audience

The target audience of your video project will help you narrow down the choices for music. The kind of music and the groups of people that you are targeting will determine the kind of music and the style you will use in your video. Some music will not be effective for some audiences and some audiences will love other kinds of music.

4. The Story

Music fits in easily with video, and these two are complementary. The music helps to communicate emotion or pacing to the audience, for example, that something is about to happen or something just happened. The music can be used to highlight the story in the video, and it adds to the experience for the viewer. The video story should also determine the kind of music to be featured in the video.

5. The Length of the Video

The duration of the video and the footage will also determine the kind of music to be used or how many music tracks you may need. If you are making a short video, you can use music that won’t sound awkward when cut.

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6. Overall Story and Tone 

The overall story and tone of the video will help you choose the kind of music to be used. To illustrate, the kind of music that is very dramatic or sad can make the video more emotional. The music can be used to convey the mood of the video. To make the overall story more humorous, you can use music that is very upbeat and positive.

7. The Music Licensing Options

You can either use music that is pre-recorded or you can get music produced specifically for your video, which will be tailored to the sequences and events in the video. If you are using pre-recorded music, ensure that you have the required licensing options and you are following the rules and regulations of the licensing of the music.


Music is definitely a very important element to consider when you are making a video. If you are in a position to direct a video, then you can make use of the above tips to help you select the kind of music to be used in your video.

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