5 Tips to Keep Your Video Production Shoot COVID-Safe

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5 Tips to Keep Your Video Production Shoot COVID-Safe Background Dots

In some areas around the globe, COVID-19 cases are winding down thanks to vaccines and pandemic protocols, but it is not the same for all. In some provinces and countries, cases continue to rise. However, life must go on, and businesses should continue.

Investing in digital content is essential nowadays since it works in the pandemic. While everyone is staying at home with only the internet as their source of entertainment, making video content is essential for businesses. 

However, to keep everyone safe in video production and the filming process, filming professionals and everyone else involved should follow specific guidelines. Here are some suggestions you could implement in the set should you proceed to video shooting:

1. Keep the number of people to a minimum

Fewer people on set means less interaction and fewer chances for encountering the virus. Make sure that only the necessary people are present in the location. In some situations, one or two people can do a simple video shoot. For more elaborate work, you can establish a system to ensure everyone interacts as little as possible while still performing their tasks.

Enough preparation can make this possible. Everyone should follow a strict schedule so that only the people necessary will be present on location.

Covid Safe Video Production

2. Always wear a mask

Make it a rule that only people wearing masks are allowed on set. Masks serve as your protection against viral transmission. Implement this rule along with physical distancing and regular cleaning of hands. 

Only the talent who needs to take off their mask in front of the camera should be allowed to do it, but the rest of the team members must not remove theirs. By adhering to these guidelines, you reduce your chances of acquiring the virus.

3. Choose the safest alternative

One challenge that the production team may face is equipment. For example, microphones are essential for capturing high quality audio. Since it is in the saliva where the virus transmission occurs, it's recommended that you find the safest option for the team. You can try the following:

  • Option 1: Use a boom mic to ensure a safe distance between the speaker and the sound technician. 
  • Option 2: Ask the speaker to hold their handheld microphone. Consider using a disposable plastic cover for the mics, and replace them after the interview. Make sure to also disinfect the mic itself with alcohol while it is unplugged. 
  • Option 3: If lavalier microphones are necessary, instruct the speakers to put the mics on themselves. Make sure to disinfect the mics again after usage.
Video Production Safety

4. Shoot far

Another way to implement social distancing inside the studio is to use the right lens to ensure that the camera and the subject are far enough away from each other. Shooting it this way can prevent unnecessary close contact.
When shooting with a longer focal length, always ensure you have enough room on location to place the camera far enough from the subject.

5. Provide enough ventilation in the shoot location

Closed room shoots are a big no-no, so ensure enough ventilation in the room. Air should be able to move in and out of the room freely. If you can shoot outdoors, that would be better, but make sure that there are not many people in one place. 


Although a business must continue, health is also important. Make sure to follow strict regulations set by your local health authorities along with our recommendations. Be disciplined with these protocols, as they are integral for safety and the project’s completion. 

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