The Top 5 Out-of-Studio Filming Locations in Calgary

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The Top 5 Out-of-Studio Filming Locations in CalgaryBackground Dots

Technology has come a long way. It is possible to shoot anything in front of a green screen, but sometimes you have to go to the real deal to capture the vision you want. Calgary is filled with great spots for shooting all kinds of scenes, depending on your mood. There’s something for every filmmaker to see, experience, and shoot from old town-like plazas bathed in nostalgia to national parks with incredibly scenic views. Check out five of the best locations here!

Inglewood Filming
Inglewood - Image by Tony Wong

1 - The Small Town Vibe: Inglewood (Main Street)

If you’re picturing a scene with a historical town with tons of small shops that line up the block, then Inglewood is just the right fit. This fits the entire narrative of the small town where everybody knows your name. 

When you want to shoot in Inglewood’s tourist spots, go to the Calgary Zoo, the Fort Calgary Historic Park, and the Inglewood Aquatic Centre. There are also a few animal sanctuaries worth checking out. If that’s not your thing, then you can always walk around 9th Avenue on Main Street. There is a whole shopping and art district where you can check out a lot of quaint shops. 

Mt. Pleasant View Point
Mt. Pleasant View Point

2 - The Designer Skyline View: Mt. Pleasant View Point

There’s something so wonderful about looking at all the tall buildings from a high vantage point. There’s no doubt why directors love filming in places like the top of Mt. Pleasant View Point.

This place is just across the river from downtown Calgary. You would may have to climb a few stairs to get to an excellent vantage point. At Mt. Pleasant View Point, you would see the entire city in the landscape. Things come to life more at night because of the city lights. The incredible views and the beautiful atmosphere is why so many proposals take place in this spot.

East Village Square Video Production Locations
East Village Square - Image via

3 - The Hustle and Bustle of East Village Square

The cute neighbourhood of Inglewood doesn’t quite have that city vibe that most people envision when you say city life. What fits the urban narrative better is Downtown East Village. This part of Calgary is where businesses and modern architecture thrive. 

Every building in East Village Square looks different with so many incredible lines and patterns that greatly reflect a shot. And of course, all the water parks, outdoor parks, and art installments give this area a touch of whimsey.

Griffin Woods Square Video Production Locations
Image by Brian Skinner

4 - Exploring Nature in Griffin Woods

Calgary has the woodsy places too. It’s filled with tons of parks and reserves, but Griffin Woods may be a lot closer to that full forest scenery you might be looking for. With a scenic trail surrounded by so many trees, you can capture the beauty of nature seamlessly and flawlessly.

Bow River Filming Location
Bow River

5 - Downtown Calgary: Bow River

Of course, no director would want to miss the opportunity to get a couple of close-ups on the Bow River. This river runs down the whole city, but you cant take great shots of it along the bike path. People can raft down the river, so if you want to take some pictures of that, you better have a waterproof camera ready.


Calgary has plenty of unique sites, so feel free to explore other areas nearby to find different film locations. But before you to get there, make sure that you bring the right equipment—and we’re not talking about reflectors and tripods. Some areas in Calgary can be cold depending on what time of year you visit. Be ready for the weather!

Please keep in mind that many locations in Calgary require a special filming permit that a professional Video Production Company can take care of for you.

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