Responses to Watch Out for When Hiring a Video Production Company

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Responses to Watch Out for When Hiring a Video Production CompanyBackground Dots

Video production can be an expensive and time-consuming activity, so much so that you’re currently shopping for a service provider to do the job for you. With so many companies to pick from, however, being forced to pick one quickly can present plenty of problems. It’s important to choose one that can give you exactly what you need, one that does so at the right price. 

With that in mind, how will you be able to know which video production company is the right fit for the job? The answer is quite simple: by checking how they react to your questions. Here are the top four responses to watch out for when hiring a video production company:

1. The PDF Response

Were you just sent a ten, twenty, or even a hundred-page PDF for a question you asked? The chances are that the PDF or whatever document they sent you is just a template—even if it looks seemingly customized to fit your needs. To make things worse, the majority of the information in the file itself is likely to be completely irrelevant.

If you do not like such a response, look for someone else who can give you a short but concise answer—one that truly takes the time to understand what you need.

2. The Pricey Response

Video production companies often include stunning artwork or even video samples in their work to make a compelling first impression. Though these might be intriguing at first, know that producing anything similar will not come cheap and you should consider the business goals behind the project before deciding what is worth spending money on.

Of course, if you have the budget to work with such an agency, take the plunge. Just be wary of the possible charges they might make, though, and ensure that they do not blow past your budget.

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3. The Normal/Templated Response

If you felt like you just received a normal response, one that may sound a little too disinterested or templated, you might want to think again. Depending on the circumstances, they might not have the resources available to work on new projects. However, this isn't necessarily a bad sign—if their production pipeline is full, then they might be sought after for their creative work.

Just be sure to follow up with the response by asking them how many projects they handle each month. This way, you can understand whether they're busy or not and whether their response was justified—and whether it could pose a problem later on!

4. The Attentive Response

Feel like a company is overly giving you attention? This might signify that they are a little too free, meaning they aren't working for anyone else. However, know that it can once again depend on the situation. They might be giving you plenty of attention simply because some of their clients appreciate that kind of attentiveness.

To make sure that they're giving you the right attention, and not because they're having trouble keeping clients, ask about their current projects. Once you get an answer, you can judge for yourself.

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It’s important that you choose the right video production company

Whatever question you ask the video production company, pay attention to how they respond. If you like how they communicate, they may be the right company for you. If you feel like something is off, or they don't understand your business goals, then consider moving on to someone else. 

Although it may take some time to find the right agency for your job, know that your efforts won’t be in vain. Being happy with an agency means that you work better with them, resulting in higher-quality videos you can use to move your business forward.

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