How to Have a Successful Collaboration Process With a Client

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How to Have a Successful Collaboration Process With a ClientBackground Dots

Creating high-quality video content is a collaborative process. A project’s success will depend only so much on the processes being followed or using the best equipment. It all boils down to good collaboration with clients because, after all, they are the ones who have the vision to be executed by a highly-skilled video production company. From brainstorming the initial concept to creating a final product with a clear brand and a powerful impact, how well a team works with the client will make or break the triumph of the video. Here are a few tips and tricks on how seamless video production is possible with better collaborative efforts with a client.

1. Set Clear Creative Expectations

Naturally, a client will have several questions regarding the creative process and decisions for the video production. By setting clear creative expectations from the get-go, having to clarify or even justify every step of the creative decision-making in the project can be avoided. Clients should be on board with the creative direction from the start. Involving them in the project is also an effective way to set these expectations early on. A mutually agreed-upon calendar should be shared between both parties, along with a document detailing everybody’s involvement. This can establish a good relationship while providing the production team with much-needed creative space to flesh out ideas and produce good work in line with the client’s vision.

Prioritize the Viewer’s Needs

2. Prioritize the Viewer’s Needs

Working in a collaborative environment often means having to listen to everybody’s conflicting ideas. The video’s main message can get lost in these discussions, so both the client and the video producer need to go back to what the viewer needs. Seasoned creatives in video agencies will know how to appease the client when a clash in creative direction occurs. By putting the viewer first, everyone working on the project can get back on track and stay on common ground to create content that strongly connects with the viewer.

3. Cultivate Trust

Clients need to trust the video production agency they are working with for a smooth video production process. Agency representatives need to cultivate that trust by assuring the client that their brand will be treated with the utmost care and stay true to their vision. Having a good attitude and giving a good first impression is just the start. Throughout the project, everybody involved will need to get to know each other, at least until the whole group is comfortable working together. While there is no need to become best friends, everybody must have a solid sense of security and trust in each other for the best possible outcome.

Staying on schedule, on budget, and accomplishing high-quality deliverables is one sure way to establish a good working relationship built on trust. Video production teams should continue answering every phone call, text, message, and email to reassure clients. When they feel like they can be treated as valued people in the video production process, trust will build.

4. Have a Point Person

Providing a client with a list of contact persons for each aspect of the project is confusing and overwhelming. Having one person to guide the client is ideal, and they should be available to the client on all channels no matter the time of day. Video productions have so many moving parts that it can be easy to get lost, especially when information relayed to the client comes from many different places. If every update goes through just one point person, then there’s less of a chance that everybody will scramble to be kept in the loop. Nobody wants a time-consuming goose chase on top of hectic video production!


Video production services involve complex, lengthy, and multifaceted processes. While most clients have a good idea of how they want their vision and brand to translate onto video, providing guidance during the project’s nitty-gritty steps can make all the difference in a project’s success. By understanding what it takes to collaborate with partners effectively, both video production companies and clients paying for their services can create something together that is nothing less than magic! 

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