Why Video Testimonials Are High-Ranking Conversion Tools

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Why Video Testimonials Are High-Ranking Conversion ToolsBackground Dots

It can be quite difficult to figure out where your time and money should be spent as a marketer. Creating content that will grab your audience's interest is important, though it should not have an overwhelming gimmicky feel. Updated tactics are key, while the equally crucial eye for avoiding fads, which tend to die out, is also at play. 

Balancing all that correctly is vital for the correct marketing tool to come to light, but the final product absolutely must convert.

For quite some time now, customer testimonials have been incredibly popular. Video testimonials are the modern-day take on this age-old practice. Marketing video production has elevated the effectiveness to sky-high levels. When it comes to options for marketing tools, they are easily some of the most effective ones readily available. 

Emotional Pull

We are all likely to believe that we are able to make purely rational decisions. However, the reality is that emotions are the main force behind making decisions. This holds true for the average consumer, but equally so for B2B executives (albeit various emotions are in the mix). 

There is nothing that can beat video when it comes to evoking emotions. In comparison, text can be devoid of emotion and downright sterile. It takes the best of the best of copywriters to compete on the emotional level with video.

Additionally, interpreting text alongside reading it is far slower in general than simply watching a video. Most consumers usually don't have the patience to spend seconds, minutes, or hours for even the most fantastic copy.

Viewers' hearts are far more quickly reached and affected by video. A lot of it boils down to the science of our brain. It is chock-full of mirror neurons that fire up when we are able to get something done, and when someone else is within our sight doing something as well. 

Basically, viewers are able to feel the video's emotions, thanks to mirror neurons. A visibly relieved, thankful, and happy customer who is reacting to your product or service will be able to pass this feeling on through video to potential customers as well.

Retention Rate Is Higher Than Text

According to Insivia, viewers are able to retain up to 95% of a message when they watch it in a video. This is a stark comparison to the 10-12% retention level when they are reading text

There are several reasons why video can have content stay in people's minds more than anything else. These are emotional connections, the way our brains have a specific liking for stories, and the way people remember information much better when visuals are interesting. This means that your product or service's benefits will be at the top of their minds constantly.

Video Testimonials Convert

By default, people prefer video in lieu of text. Videos capture consumers’ interest and help them retain more information, which is good news for your brand. Having business video production in a company or organization’s marketing plan is quickly becoming a standard for many, and with good reason. 

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