Some Helpful Tips to Improve Your Google Rankings With Videos

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Some Helpful Tips to Improve Your Google Rankings With VideosBackground Dots

Videos can be one of the most effective types of content that you can create especially when it comes to ranking on Google. Not only will Google display relevant videos in its organic search results, but YouTube is also a powerful search engine.

Not many businesses realize this, but your video content can drastically affect your website's SEO rankings. It is just a matter of consistently creating valuable content so that you will continue to garner more online traffic over time.

If you want to know how to make your video positively affect your page's SEO rankings, look no further than our helpful tips below.

Wistia: How Long Should Your Next Video Be?
Wistia: How Long Should Your Next Video Be?

1. Video Length Matters

You have to realize that online users love to watch videos that have a clear and concise message that's delivered in 4 minutes or less. A lot of people will watch videos that are about a minute long, but that is not the sweet spot for digital marketers. Keep your videos between the 3 to 4-minute mark, and you will see an increase in viewership numbers.

2. Create a Compelling Video Title

The title is often one of the most important aspects of your video. When you create the title, remember to be as descriptive as you possibly can. The title will usually appear in search results, so it needs to be as descriptive and interesting as possible so that people will know what the video is about and will want to watch it.

Also, make sure that you create a keyword-rich title. This will help your rankings as well as give you a better shot at appearing at the top of the search results. If you do this well, your video will have a much better shot of getting lots of views.

3. Include Keywords

It is important to include keywords in your title, as we said before. It is also important to include keywords in your description. The description may show up in search results, and it will give you the chance to tell people what your video is all about.

Also, include keywords in your tags because they will help boost your rankings and your chances of showing up for different search terms. This can be done when uploading the video to sites like YouTube, just look for the TAGS field.

4. Don't Forget the Links

If you want people to find your website when they click on your video, make sure that you include links to your website. When you add links to your video, it gives you a better chance of ranking well. The more links you add, the better your chances are and the higher you will rank over time.

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5. Add a Call to Action

Effective marking videos will always include the next step for the viewer, whether it's to subscribe to your channel or to visit a landing page/website. This works especially well if your video is meant to be a lead-generating one. When you include a call to action at the end of the video, you give people an option as to what they want to do next.

6. Make Sure the Rest of The Page is Related to the Video

If you're embedding videos on your web pages make sure that they complement the rest of the page, otherwise Google will likely lower your rankings. Ideally, the webpage is well optimized, relates to the video, and uses the same keywords from the videos title description and tags.

A great way to help increase the rank-ability of this page is to include a transcript from the video. Not only will it be indexable by search engines, it also makes the content more accessible.


If you want to improve your page's SEO rankings, you need to make better videos. Use the tips that we have provided above in order to get the most out of them. Using our recommendations, you can ensure that your videos are optimized to the best of their abilities. You will also see an increase in your online traffic over time.

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