Getting Started with Video Production A Beginner's Guide

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Getting Started with Video Production A Beginner's GuideBackground Dots

Video production is continually growing into a popular method of sending a message from a brand, personality, or service provider to a target market. Its accessibility to fit different formats and mobile devices make it one of the more compelling forms of advertising available. Although recording personal videos can seem like a simple activity, there's much more going on behind the scenes for professional-level quality video ads.

An overview of video production for beginners

Although there are many techniques involved in video production, all video output comes from three divided phases. In simple terms, these three separate the planning, execution, and editing of your video output. Each phase will require you to accomplish specific tasks to produce a quality product.

If you're planning to integrate video production into your marketing or branding strategy, here's a breakdown of its three steps:

Step#1: Pre-production

Pre-production involves both logistical and creative blueprints for your video since this will dictate your future output's direction and complexity. During the pre-production phase, you'll need to answer key questions about your video's purpose. It includes establishing your target audience, the video's goals, and the intended audio-visual motif.

After establishing a storyboard and script, your next task is to put a price on your potential expenses. You'll need to make a budget ceiling, project timeline, and equipment inventory for the shoots. During this phase, you must set a comprehensive checklist of tasks ranging from location scouting to talent selection. It's best to assign related jobs to a specific point person so that you won't lose track of each requirement's progress.

Step#2: Production

After gathering all the materials and staff you need, it's time to bring your storyboards into reality. The production phase is the most straightforward part of the video production process. This is where you'll shoot all the footage you have on your shot list.

There are numerous steps to the production phase, depending on your video's requirements. You can conduct interviews, record voice overs, or capture b-rolls for additional visual aid. If the shooting days take longer, you may require reshoots if you suddenly have a different idea or direction in mind. Remember that it's better to have too much footage than a shortage of it. You'll find out why during post-production.

Post-production Calgary

Step#3: Post-production

Post-production involves attaching the separate components of your footage, from layering voiceovers to captured shots. Your video production team may also add visual improvement, from trimming clips to adding VFX. Reshoots could be necessary if there are some errors or changes that can't be accomplished through editing. This is why you need to take alternative shots to capitalize on your team's hours.

Generally, production companies can take 6 to 8 weeks for post-production. However, you may receive a final output sooner or later, depending on your video's requirements. For this reason, it's necessary to establish strict turnaround times if you have a strict deadline to follow.


Besides the general division of tasks for each step, there are numerous strategies and techniques in executing every part of video production. This is why brands can produce vastly different outputs from well-researched infomercial to casual behind-the-scenes stories for social media. Partnering with specialists in video production agencies allows you to make any vision for your video into a reality, no matter what your creative motif is.

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