How Influencers Help Your Video Marketing

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How Influencers Help Your Video MarketingBackground Dots

Influencer marketing has risen in popularity, with many influencers commanding massive followings and large sums of money to access their platforms. Influencer content may take numerous forms, but because of the popularity of TikTok, a short-form video platform, video is becoming increasingly popular.

Influencer marketing and video marketing are frequently thought of as different arenas—and they may be—but they become even more powerful when combined. Valuable content can reach a large audience organically, but when shared by influencers, video content will often reach an even larger audience.

In this post, we'll go through the two key points at which these domains overlap and how organizations might benefit from each situation.

Overlap #1: To Boost Their Personal Brands, Influencers Create Their Own Video Content.

Influencer marketing uses the reality that content providers' brands will evolve over time. As these influencers gain a following with their personal brands, they become influencers. The individuals behind the platform get a reach (and influence, thus the word influencer) through their number of followers/fans.

Building and sustaining a loyal following takes time and dedication for many influencers, and video material is key to gaining a following on most social media platforms in 2022. Video has been shown to have advantages over written words and static graphics. It's a useful technique for encouraging people to remember what you're saying, it's easy to share, and most social algorithms prefer it.

Perhaps more crucially, audiences perceive video material to be genuine. This allows influencers to strengthen their bonds with their fans and make the connection feel more personal. This is critical because the most physical manifestation of the link is usually a "follow" or "subscribe" button on a digital platform. Businesses utilizing video production may help fill the gaps, making a digital relationship feel more meaningful.

Many influencers have picked up basic marketing video production abilities on the fly, but production has a learning curve. 

Partnering with a video production business that works with influences may be a wonderful method to boost production value and your audience at the same time. New influencers may not be as knowledgeable about the basics of video production and can benefit from a more polished video presentation.

Brand relationships account for most influencer revenue, and businesses are more willing to pay more when influencers are renowned for producing high-quality content. This rise in an influencer's worth frequently compensates for the higher expense of engaging professional production teams, resulting in a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Overlap #2: Influencers and Brands Collaborate to Create Video Content That Promotes A Product or Service

Next, consider the other influencer marketing and video marketing integration: companies employing influencers to promote their offering through video content.

There are two main approaches that brands will take to this offer. The first step is to team up with an influencer who will create fresh video content for the company to market. If you've ever seen an influencer make an "unboxing" video or a testimonial video, you've seen this form of content.

Rather than being active in the content generation process, the influencer's reach is the primary source of value. Although the company's content may have already existed (and may have even been pushed through the business's traditional channels), the influencer collaboration gives the brand a new way to reach viewers.


Whatever the overlap between influencer marketing and video marketing, the two are a perfect match. Brands wishing to work with influencers should insist on video material being included in the partnership agreement to reap the benefits of video over word or graphics. Both the brand and the influencer gain from video. It's time to start filming!

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