4 Stock Music Websites You Can Use to Produce Quality Videos

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4 Stock Music Websites You Can Use to Produce Quality VideosBackground Dots

Trying to create high-quality videos on a budget is not the easiest job. Being restrained in terms of equipment, not to mention talents, will force you to put a lot of effort into producing videos worth watching for your marketing content. Fortunately, many stock websites offer high-quality material that you can use for videos, including video clips, motion graphics assets, and even music. These websites offer a huge selection of high-quality music that can be used to set the tone of your videos and even invoke certain emotions for the viewer.

Music plays a critical role in any video production and should always be considered early in the production process.
In this article, we will talk about the four best stock music websites you can use for your videos to create the perfect content for your marketing efforts:



1. Musicbed

Musicbed offers incredible stock music at competitive prices, where small filmmakers, agencies, and even non-profits can afford it. Their website also makes it quite easy for you to find the best music you need for your videos, regardless of what emotions you want to invoke in your audience.

The type of music you will find on Musicbed is produced by indie composers, musicians, and other music producers. As for what kind of music they offer, if you can think of any genre, they will surely have it!

Pricing: $19.99/mo - $99.99/mo



2. Artlist

Artlist does it a little differently compared to other stock music providers. Rather than charging per music, you will have to pay a yearly subscription of around $200. That is around $16.50 per month, which you gain access to their entire library for the year.

As for the type of music you can find here, they are generally more upbeat. They are great for videos such as commercials that want to capture and maintain the viewer's interest.

Pricing: $12/mo (SFX Only)- $25/mo



3. Pond5 

If you are looking for one of the top stock music websites, Pond5 should definitely be on your list. While they do not offer free stock music, they are all so good that it is worth spending some of your money on it.

The type of music you can find on Pond5 is excellent for projects that run less than thirty seconds. This means that if you are looking for music for your short videos like ads, you can find some of the best on this website!

Pricing: $250 - $2,500 Credits
Songs vary in price from $7 - $500+ per track

Marmoset Music

4. Marmoset

On the pricier side of stock music, Marmoset offers high-quality music that you can rely on. Everything from music licensing and even music production, you will find everything here. 

Whether you are making a long film or creating a video for a small project, you can find a large variety of music on this platform. Produced by real artists in every genre, it is guaranteed that you will find what you want for your project!

Pricing: Per Track $79 - $300+ depending on usage rights

Bonus Stock Music Sites

Finding The Right Music Is Essential

Many people use the websites mentioned above to access amazing stock music they need to create stunning, high-quality videos, whether it is advertisements or even films. Regardless of what you pick, always make sure to research what prices you can expect, along with the music you will need to access. This will ensure that your investment will be worth it, allowing you to produce high-quality videos for any of your needs without breaking the bank!

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