How Can Your Business Maximize Instagram’s IGTV Video Platform

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How Can Your Business Maximize Instagram’s IGTV Video PlatformBackground Dots

The social media space keeps evolving, and you can expect new features on popular platforms every once in a while. Take Instagram, for instance. What once was the primary platform for sharing photos is now taking over the video scene.

As more and more small businesses and influencers build their empires on Instagram, the platform is now giving them a stronger voice—IGTV. Now, more than ever, you will be able to use your creativity and engage the community through your Instagram feed.

How can you utilize IGTV for your business? Keep on reading to find out.

Instagram’s IGTV Video Platform Launch Event
IGTV launch event

Why Is IGTV Worth Your Attention?

According to Instagram, the most-viewed Instagram Stories are those posted by brands. But with the rollout of IGTV, brands can now post longer videos and create even more valuable and flexible video content for their customers. For Instagram, it’s a way to pull people from platforms like YouTube, and for the users, it’s the way to keep their customer’s eyes on the brand.

Many big companies and corporations are jumping eagerly into the opportunity to use IGTV. For instance, Conde Nast brands GQ and Bon Appetit are fully on board, as well as the makeup giant Sephora. After all, long-form video is a fantastic way for these huge names to level themselves and be where their customers are—Instagram.

How to Maximize IGTV as a Small Business

Are you ready to conquer IGTV for your brand? Here’s what you can do to dominate the field.

1. Pick Out a Theme and Stay on Brand

Develop a guide for your content plan by deciding on a specific theme. Doing so will help you plan out the topic you want to discuss and remain consistent with your brand voice. Moreover, make sure your styling and editing are compatible with your overall brand aesthetic. Even simple things like brand colours, themes, fonts, and vibes must be the same. Remember, in digital marketing, consistency is key!

Share User-Generated Content

2. Share User-Generated Content

User-generated content can be defined as any form of content created by individuals related to your brand. For instance, it can be photos shot by people who shopped at your store, followers who attended some of your events, and those who share moments related to your brand.

Repurposing this content can be easy. You can compile the photos and videos in one IGTV video. Or, you can add some commentary, like the cute or touching trivia on your business history, or express your gratitude for sharing their experiences with your products and services. This simple act will show your customers that you value what they think and appreciate their business.

3. Manage Your Time Well

Yes, IGTV allows longer videos, but you have to remember to value your viewer’s time. If you can keep things short and sweet at three to five minutes long, don’t push yourself to hit the 15-minute mark. In your company video plan, make sure you keep your audience’s short attention spans in mind.

4. Keep Your Videos Informative and Relatable

When people watch videos, they ask you one thing—what’s in it for me? In preparing your IGTV content, make sure you always offer valuable information. Make sure they are thoughtful and not just sales-y content. It’s best if you can create “How-To's or storytelling videos, as they offer the most value to viewers.

Final Thoughts

IGTV is a great way to let your target market know more about you and the things that your business represents. It can be tempting to upload as much content as possible, but you must remember the value of quality over quantity. Your videos must leave a strong impression and mainly serve your target demographic.

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