5 Great Examples of Effective Corporate Marketing Strategies

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5 Great Examples of Effective Corporate Marketing StrategiesBackground Dots

If you want to be the best, you have to learn from the best. In corporate marketing, you have to observe the tactics of the big fish in the industry. Not all methods will be able to boost sales—let alone get you noticed—but by knowing what works for specific brands, you can get an idea of what could work for you. Here are some examples of effective corporate marketing strategies that household names have used.

5 Examples of Brilliant Corporate Marketing Strategies That Gets Brands Noticed

Spotify: Using Social Media

1. Spotify: Using Social Media for Customer Support

Remember when customer service would take forever to pick up on the other side of a phone call? Those days are over with brands like Spotify bringing customer service to where people spend most of their time: social media. 

Spotify has created the Twitter handle @SpotifyCares to respond to tweets with questions and screenshots, which the customer service agents try to address as quickly as possible.

This strategy may just work with any industry. Responding to concerns right away in a medium that your target audience uses the most builds customer loyalty and showcases how efficiently your service runs.

2. Big Restaurant Chains: Using Humor to Taunt Competitors

Wendy’s has been known to taunt other restaurants’ tweets online. McDonald’s likes to fight back. Burger King has thrown in a couple of jabs too. And with KFC, well, no one packs a punch like the colonel. These big fast-food restaurants may look like they’re fighting, but they’re actually helping each other out in terms of marketing.

Humour and wit go a long way, and conflict can spark anyone’s interest. But sadly, it is not for every industry to use. If your business seems like it could use humour, you can add a few jokes here and there in your posts. And if you plan on jabbing at a big competitor, make sure it’s more on the funny side and less on the mean spectrum.

NP Digital

3. NP Digital: Using Free Content as Gateways

NP Digital is a digital marketing agency with Neil Patel as the face and owner of the company. His blog about SEO is visited by millions of people each year. In it, he reveals industry secrets, publishes campaign case studies, and sets up free seminars. 

Giving away free content like this showcases your prowess in the industry and gives people a reason to believe in your service. It also establishes your foothold in your field as an expert—an authority people can trust. 

Using Visual Branding to Stand Out

4. Coca-cola: Using Visual Branding to Stand Out

Coke has used the same red colour in every ad because it plays a big role in their brand identity. Awesome visuals don’t just cut it. Using signature identifiers such as a colour or font can help your brand stand apart from others. 

Nike: Using Powerful Videos With Relevant Messages

5. Nike: Using Powerful Videos With Relevant Messages

Nike’s video concepts have always had solid and resounding takes on issues. These video campaigns resonate with a broad audience, which is why this brand has been a household name in sports apparel for years.

Videos showcasing your brand can give you a competitive edge. Some people support certain brands solely because of what the brand stands for—exactly the type of brand loyalty every business dreams of.


No matter the industry you’re in, it is essential to market your product or service in a way that appeals to your target audience. Pattern your strategies after these successful corporate marketing strategies and build your brand how you want people to perceive you.

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