3 Video Production Trends to Still Be Observed in 2021

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3 Video Production Trends to Still Be Observed in 2021Background Dots

In just a short amount of time, video content has grown in popularity. Gone are the days when brands need professional cameras and gear to create video content. A simple shot using a quality phone camera plus wit and a script can capture people's hearts. 

Aside from the high engagement and immersive experience it gives, video content is also popular because of its entertaining and easy-to-digest. If you are a company that is only beginning in your video content journey, you must stay on top of the latest production trends in the digital world. 

This article will tell you about these trends that are slowly becoming the standard in the online world:

Use of vertical videos

1: Use of vertical videos

Websites have adjusted to mobile resolutions in their responsive content because mobile phones have become an integral part of people's everyday lives. In fact, 85 percent of internet users in the US watch videos using their mobile devices. People’s preferences are also changing. We moved from the horizontal video, to the square video, and now to vertical resolution.

Since people hold their phones vertically by default, expect to see more and more brands using vertical videos. It is far more effective to create content that adapts to this phenomenon than to expect that users will flip their phones sideways for you. 

2: Higher resolution cameras

We mentioned how content creators today are settling on using their phone cameras to create video content. That trend might last a while, but phone manufacturers are also upping up their game. They have produced advanced phone camera technology, including advanced motion stabilization, 4K resolutions, and night filming. Logically, cameras will also become more advanced over time. While you might be able to get away with the phone camera video, investing in high-quality cameras will attract more users.

Smarter Video Software
DaVinci Resolve 17

3: Use of smarter software

Video editing software options are also on the rise. Nowadays, you do not have to be a professional editor to produce quality-looking videos. Video editing software is slowly becoming more user-friendly and simpler to use, with some of them available on the phone. Today, smarter video editing platforms allow fast and efficient video production to meet increasing demands. Collaboration has also been made easier on these video production programs.


A digital marketing strategy in 2021 would not be complete without video content. If you want your business to capture people's attention, you should invest in videos. If you understand your audience, you would know what type of videos they would like. Knowing what is on-trend is essential, but assessing which one would help you deliver the message you want is another crucial element. Moreover, learning about the production trends can help you prepare for what type of work to expect in the future. 

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