Video Creation Tips for High-Quality Marketing Videos

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Video Creation Tips for High-Quality Marketing VideosBackground Dots

As users spend more time online, video is becoming an increasingly important marketing tool. 

It's time for marketers to use videos in their marketing campaigns if they haven't already. If you include business video production in your marketing strategy, you're more likely to see a boost in engagement, ROI, and customer retention.

Check out the few tips below to help you get started with video production.

Before Video Production

Prepare the Script 

Before you start writing your marketing video's script, you need to have a clear idea of your goals, who your audience is, what the video is about, and what you want them to do after watching it.

Once you have that figured out, you can create an outline to help you write the script more quickly and efficiently.

Create a Storyboard and Plan for B-Roll

Planning your video shots with a storyboard can help ensure you get the footage you need. Some people prefer storyboarding software, but you can also sketch with stick figures. This purpose is to better understand what scenes you will be shooting for your business video production, no matter how short. 

This way, it is simpler to plan for the props required, the costume changes (if necessary), and the location. Planning your B-roll footage can help create a more cohesive and visually exciting story. B-rolls are secondary shots used as cutaway scenes to provide context or add visual interest. 

Verify the Acoustics

Check how sound carries in your filming location before you start shooting. This will help you plan for any soundproofing you may need and save you time in post-production. To do this, ensure your microphone is set up correctly to produce clear and concise sound. 

During Video Production

Provide Good Lighting

Lighting is key to creating a great video. Take advantage of natural light whenever possible by filming in the morning or evening (golden hour). The light is softer during these times of day, which will help create a better overall look with nicer shadows in your video. If you have to film during the day, try to find a shady spot to help soften the light.

When filming indoors, be aware of where the light is coming from. Overhead lighting will cast unflattering shadows, so try to avoid it if possible. The ideal setup is to have 2-3 light sources on either side of the camera, creating a “lighting triangle” with the subject in the center of the shot.

Clean Your Framing

If your shots are unintentionally shaky, it makes your video look unprofessional and can also make viewers feel nauseous. Using a tripod will stabilize your footage. You can also set your camera on a sturdy surface if you don't have access to a tripod.

The way the elements in your video (subjects/actors, props, scenery, etc.) are arranged is called composition. Composition is essential because it makes your video more visually appealing and directs the viewer's attention.

The Rule of Thirds is a standard guideline for video and film composition. It states that your subject should be placed along the intersecting lines of a 3x3 grid for better focus. There are other ways to compose your shots for your next business video, like using leading lines (roads work well for this), symmetry, or playing with depth of field.

Use Clean Background

Use a solid colour if you don't want your background to distract your viewers. This will make your shot look more professional. Another technique is to use a shallow depth of field to blur out the background.

When you're planning your shots, be sure to consider what your subject is wearing. You don't want them to blend in with the background. Make your subject stand a few feet from the background to avoid shadows.

After Video Production (Post-Production)

Use Effective Video Production Software

Good editing software not only makes business video production easier for you but can also dramatically improves the quality of your final video product.

Keep Your Editing Simple

Too many transitions and effects will make your video look amateurish and distract you from the content. Simple cross-fades are more effective in transitioning between shots.


Video is an effective way to get your message across and tell a story. The more effectively you can tell your story, the more successful your video will be. To ensure your video's success, you need to invest time and thought into video production.

Incorporating video may be the way to go to make a huge impact on marketing. However, creating a high-quality video is a big undertaking. That is why you should leave the production in the hands of professionals.

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