Useful Production Insights for Creating Effective Online Videos

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Useful Production Insights for Creating Effective Online VideosBackground Dots

Often the best online videos are a balance of the right ideas and a connection with the audience. You then pair it with marketing tactics to present it the right way on the right channels.

The creation process may be more difficult, but the end product and its intended effects are worth it. If you are about to create an online video, consult this short guide for some worthy tips.

The Creation Phase

When starting your video project, think of the impact you want it to make. Often, it has an underlying function.

If it’s for branding and promoting a product, look for a connection with your audience. It often answers a need or want. According to the Social Media Today site, 81 percent of businesses use it for marketing. Add the perfect timing and tested strategies, and it becomes more effective. A simple, well-made video for Burger King can trigger people because it made them crave a BK Whopper with onion rings and a large soda. 

If it’s to show information or educate, make a custom-made presentation that suits your audience and focuses on knowledge retention. Ninety-four percent of video marketers found that video is a very effective method for online learning. It’s now one of the most used formats for instructional videos and distance learning.

Planning Your Video Marketing Strategy

Before jumping into production, make sure that you have a solid plan and outline done first. Making videos is easier with the right inputs from professional video teams. Use their insights to help connect your work to target audiences.

Pooling useful ideas together can make an effective viral video that raises the profile of the company. Sometimes your video project is a product of a brainstorming session that pulls from different disciplines, just like a full-service video agency does.

For instance, work with the creative team if you’re creating an informational video for a business video production. The team’s ideas for an animated video production that’s short, sweet, and simple may be the best route to take.

The content team can craft an easy-to-understand script for general viewers. Marketing can then give you a list of strategies and online channels where to post the video. The call-to-action message or copy makes it even more effective.

When and Where Will You Present Your Video?

Your choice of sites and channels to post your content in will add to its effectiveness. YouTube remains a top choice since it can go viral and is highly shareable. It also has a public commentary feature that encourages engagement with different audiences. It becomes a native video formatted for a particular channel.

You can embed YouTube videos on Facebook, but it will have certain limitations. The formatting would also be different because it was shared on Facebook. But if you upload a video directly to your Facebook page, the content stays within that channel’s format and appearance.

The same way can be said about Instagram. On Instagram, videos have no controls except play and stop. Viewers need to view the whole video if they want the content. This feature on Instagram creates different strategies for you when you post it exclusively for that channel.

If your goal is to maximize the reach of your video then make sure to share it on as many available social networks and marketing channels, as long as it aligns with your marketing strategy. Email newsletters are another effective marketing tool that you can utilize if you have an existing list of subscribers.


Creating an effective online video focuses on content, strategies, and a connection to your audience. It is always a combination of these different elements. The more useful inputs you have, the more diverse range of ideas you can use to maximize your final outputs.

This is where Mustard Productions excels when it comes to video creation. As a full-service video agency, we know what works. Call us today, and we’ll show you what we can do and how videos can elevate your business.